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How to re-install with taking over the settings


Preparation for taking over the settings

Back up of following two files is required.

1. Project setting file (*.dxp)
This is the OPC server configuration file. It will not be removed by uninstalling.

2. System setting file (C:\ProgramData\Takebishi\DeviceXPlorer OPC Server 6\System.dxpcfg) 
The common properties saves in this file. This file is removed by uninstall. Please capture the common properties before uninstall. Although it is possible to back up the system configuration file and restore, it is recommended to capture and reconfigurate the common property manually, unless installing the same version and the same components because different components to be installed may cause a loading error.


  1. Save the project setting file (*.dxp).
  2. Capture of common properties, or backup system setting file (C:\ProgramData\Takebishi\DeviceXPlorer OPC Server 6\System.dxpcfg).
  3. Uninstall the software.
  4. Install the software.
  5. (Not required for manual reconfiguration of common properties) Restore system setting file.
  6. Open the saved project setting file (*.dxp).
  7. (Only required for manual reconfiguratin of common properties) Reconfigurate common properties by checking capture which took in Step 2.

* In addition, DCOM configuration for the OPC Server set on Windows OS will be initialized by the reinstallation. So, please reconfigure DCOM configuration for the OPC Server again.