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DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.6.2.1 is released.


We released new version "Ver.6.2.1" of industrial communication software "DeviceXPlorer OPC Server".

In this version, various new functions have been added, specifications have been improved, and bugs have been fixed, so upgrading is recommended.

[Main new features]
- Support write function to ShibauraMachine TOSNUC series via serial communication.
- Support access to "BACnetStatusFlags", "BACnetEventTransitionBits" and "BACnetLimitEnable" properties on BACnet Connection.
- Support communication with JTEKT TOYOPUC-Plus series.
- Support communication with MTT Alchis series.
- Support communication with silex technology FBR-100AN that is Protocol Convertor for CNC Machine Tools.

[Main improvements]
- Added SecurityAdmin role to OPC UA item in User authority setting.

[Main bug fixes]
- Fixed the problem that the "$HeartBeat" of global system tag does not be incremented at 1 sec intervals.
- Fixed the problem that a memory leak occurs when reading values from devices with not enabled "Use Batch Access" in the device properties on BACnet Connection.

For detailed information, please check following page.


It is possible to update to latest version from Ver.6.0 - Ver.6.2 with patch set up module free of charge.