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DeviceXPlorer FileLinker Ver.2.0.0 is released.


Thank you for always visiting our website FAWEB.

We are pleased to announce that the latest Ver.2.0.0 of IoT compatible file linking software "DeviceXPlorer FileLinker" is released, which we renewed the product name from "FileArk FA Edition".

The main new features are as follows.

Change of product name

  • Product name changed from 'FileArk FA Edition' to 'DeviceXPlorer FileLinker'.

Calculation tag setting

  • Added the features to set free-form calculation formulas for tags

OPC UA server function

  • Added the encryption communication methods Aes256Sha256RsaPss and Aes128Sha256RsaOaep in the OPC UA server function.


Please see the release note for details of the update.


If you already purchased "FileArk FA Edition", you can update it to the latest version by purchasing a version upgrade.