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DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.6.4.0 is released.


We released new version "Ver.6.4.0" of industrial communication software "DeviceXPlorer OPC Server".

In this version, various new functions have been added, specifications have been improved, and bugs have been fixed, so upgrading is recommended.

Main new features

  • Support Windows 10 version 21H2
  • Support communication with IEC61850 MMS Server.
  • Support communication with JSW molding machine.
  • Support communication with GX Works3 Offline Monitor Function.


Main improvements

  • Updated the version of the library (CodeMeterRuntime) from v7.20b to v7.21a used for license key activation.(Fixed the problem that successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to read data from the heap of the CodeMeter Runtime network server, or crash the CodeMeter Runtime Server.)

  •  Support Sleep method with script function.

  •  Support the function to batch import tags from OPC UA Server in OPC UA Client function.


Main bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem that the state of slow polling mode is not reflected in $SlowpollingMode of Device System Tag.(Target version is between 6.0.0 and 6.3.0)
  • Fixed the problem that the value of the character string array cannot be obtained in OPC UA Server communication.
  • Fixed the problem that with an unspecified user cannot connect in OPC UA connection with X.509 user authentication.
  • Fixed the problem that an unexpected area is accessed when Long Counter Present Value(LCN) and Long Index Register(LZ) are set to a data type of 32 bits or more and read.(Target version is between 6.2.0 and 6.3.0)
  • Fixed the problem that when accessing Long Timer Present Value(LTN) or Long Retentive Timer Present Value(LSTN) with array tag, other than the first element become 0.(Target version is between 6.2.0 and 6.3.0)


For detailed information, please check following page.


It is possible to update to latest version from Ver.6.0 - Ver.6.3 with patch set up module free of charge.