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DeviceXPlorer OPC Server Ver.6.6.0 is released.


We released new version "Ver.6.6.0" of industrial communication software "DeviceXPlorer OPC Server".

In this version, various new functions have been added, specifications have been improved, and bugs have been fixed, so upgrading is recommended.

Main new features

  • Added GRACE mode that allows the license status to remain the same for a period of time even if the license key (software or hardware key) is temporarily unrecognized.
  • Added two global system tags to show the license mode and the license edition.
  • Added the function to display the license status in the status bar at the bottom of the application screen.
  • (SYSMAC Ethernet) Support CP2E CPUs in the SYSMAC CP series.
  • (FANUC FOCAS) Support to specify PMC units and CNC units.
  • (AB Ethernet) Support batch automatic generation of tags from the device and STRING-type array tags.

Main improvements

  • Improved the communication performance when OPC UA server function is enabled.
  • Updated sample client VcSampleOpc for OPC DA communication to the latest version corresponding to the security update program for the DCOM vulnerability (CVE-2021-26414).
  • (FANUC FOCAS) Extended the access range which enables to access custom macro variables after 10,000 in FANUC FOCAS communication.
  • (SIMATIC Ethernet) Improved communication performance with S7-1500 series.
  • (AB Ethernet) Improved communication performance.
  • (LSIS Ethernet) Extended the upper limit of the access range to the data register (D) from 19999 to 32767.
  • (IEC61850 MMS Client )Changed that buffer data is updated at the update cycle instead of at the timing of reception, which is received by UnconfirmedService(data change notification) when Playback enabled.


Main bug fixes

  • Fixed issues related to setting operations (overwrite, deleting, etc.) of structure templates.
  • Fixed issues related to setting operations (renaming, deleting, overwriting, etc.) of method tags.
  • Fixed the issue that an inappropriate value is obtained when referring to the values of array type tags which made setting of scale conversion in scripts.
  • (Shared Memory) Fixed the issue that the value of array type tag is inappropriate when made setting in scale conversion.
  • (MELSEC EZSocket) Fixed issues related to communication with GX Simulator 3.
  • (FANUC FOCAS) Fixed the issue that the write value for device type "PATH" always become zero in FANUC FOCAS communication.
  • (AB Ethernet) Fixed the issue that accessing inappropriate area when specifies an element number of BOOL type array tag.
  • (BACnet )Fixed the issue that the read value of the tag whose "Instance No." is 0 in tag setting is inappropriate when "Use Batch Access" of device setting is disabled. (target version: between 6.2.1 and 6.5.0)
  • (MTConnect) Fixed the issue that system tag value is not updated.
  • (IEC61850 MMS Client) Fixed the issue that the writing is not retried if the open process write fails when the read method "UnconfirmedService" is specified.


For detailed information, please check following page.


It is possible to update to the latest version from Ver.6.0 - Ver.6.5 with the patch module for free.