What is DAServer?

Product concept of DAServer
The DAServer is designed based on architecture "ArchestrA" of the next generation industrial software of the Wonderware. ArchestrA * architecture is architecture that can be developed to extend the longevity of an existing system, and achieve a method of operating an existing plant more efficiently and the best method of constructing a new plant mutually.

Many applications were complexly displayed in the taskbar as for a past factory package software group because software product/component named the I/O server, InTouch, InSQL, and WWLOGGER operated respectively as an individual application, and the commonness of GUI and the operation was scarce in each product. Moreover, all these problems were canceled, and FactorySuite ArchestrA that had appeared in 2003 was reborn though there was no concept "Shared of tag information" between products but there was a case to have to register tag the same in each product, too as industrial software suitable for calling exactly, "Next generation".

ArchestrA In FactorySuite ArchestrA, it operates on the union platform that is called each function components such as the DAServer, WWLOGGER, and InSQL SMC. Because SMC offers GUI and the operativeness united by using MMC of Windows, putting in to the plant by the same operativeness consciously even if the user is a plant where various field equipment exist of the communication driver becomes possible.

What's DAServer
The DAServer corresponds to OPC that is a standard specification of interapplication communications of the industrial world in addition to the DDE/SuiteLink protocol supported by a past I/O server. These protocols are mounted in the form of the plug-in, and executed dynamically. The server setting and communication diagnosis information, etc. are built into ArchestrA by using the DAServer, and seamless system construction is achieved.

Architecture of DAServer
DAServer operates as an application without GUI. The GUI services such as set screens and the diagnosis screens are offered through SMC, and can monitor the browsing and communication status information etc. on tag information in real time. Moreover, because definition information and the set up information, etc. are processed by the XML form, an access to the server installed in another node and a remote computing through the firewall are enabled.

Feature  Feature It is a plug-in in ArchestrA IDE as "Device integration". The field device is united with the ArchestrA system in the seamless.
datasheet  Specification DAServer supports Wonderware FactorySuite over A2.

overview  Overview Introduction about operation of DAServer.