About DeviceGateway

device_gateway_log DeviceGateway is for gathering production information and do the gateway to IoT services.
It realizes building an IoT system in a short time.

Release Information

Product Name DeviceGateway DGW-C10
Model DGW-C10
Price USD 1,980
Feature Compact model,
Corresponds to international safety standards CE.


 (1) OPC UA / MQTT communication
  OPC UA which is recommended by Industry4.0 and MQTT which is optimal for IoT and M2M are implemented.
  DeviceGateay also supports a variety of other communications for IoT.

 (2) Easy Use
  You can configure by using web browser easily.

 (3) PC less
  Good for embedded applications because it is a small casing.
  It also is suitable for replacing from Windows PC.

 (4) Connectivity
  150 devices are supported.


Brochure Download brochure in Here.

About support

Release Note Release Note
You can see any updates and fix information.
Download Download
Get latest firmware, references, samples and more.
Tutorial Moview Tutorial Movie
The movie introduces basic operation procedure for DeviceGateway.

Key functions

 Communication with devices
  Communicate with industrial equipment, healthcare device, home, office and building.
  DeviceGateway also has detecting position functionality. (Specific optional device is needed)

 IoT communication
  Implemented servers of OPC UA and ECHONET Lite,
  and clients of MQTT, HTTP(S), SQL, FTP and AWS Kinesis, and HULFT IoT agent.

 Supported cloud system
  Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, ANYSENCE, IBM Bluemix and more.
  We tested with many cloud services.

 Event function
  You can configure event settings that actions are executed when trigger is satisfied.
   - Trigger :Cycle, Time, Changed value, Received MQTT, Tag Alarm Change, Beacon detection e.g.
   - Action :Loop, Jump, Compare, Edit Text, Calculate, Get CSV Element, Get Json Elements, Write Value,
        Send MQTT, Send HTTP, Send SQL, FTP Upload, Send Kinesis, Write File e.g.

 User Interface
  You can configure all setting by web browser.

Application Field

 DeviceGateway is able to be applied for any fields.
 In industrial field, It improves productivity by connecting factory and IoT service.
 In social and home fields, Is also makes lifestyle more smart by communication with home and office automation devices or detecting position and sensors.

  * This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (http://www.openssl.org/)