DeviceXPlorer OPC Server


DCOM Configration Guide

Indispensable DCOM security to network system. It explains the point of the setting.

Supports Chinese,Korean.

Corresponds to the globalized manufacturing premise. OPC supports in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.


Next generation's OPC evolves to OPC UA(Unified Architecture) based on XML/SOAP.
opc ua

Discontinue old OPC servers

Previous version OPC server(Ver3.x) patronized for a long time becomes a sales termination.

Concept of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server
CC DeviceXPlorer OPC Server values the functionality and operativeness, and offers a high-end programming and an easy operation. It promptly corresponds to "OPC-DA3.0", latest specification of OPC, so that the engineer for whom an advanced programming function is necessary may also consent. To satisfy in a wide situation, OPC Server adopts the wizard form so that the operator may operate it, and it offers the user interface that can be set even if the manual is not seen.

Our company participated at first of establishment of OPC-J and promptly turned on the OPC Server product to the market in Japan to spread OPC. Since then, we have increased the lineup. And while adjusting to the latest OPC specification, we are raising the technology of "OPC" up to now.

The role of OPC is to wrap a variety of field equipment in the manufacturing premise where equipments exist by the united specifications of "OPC". Thus, OPC offers the mechanism that it is possible to access it with any software such as ERP and MES, monitoring systems, and DCS by a minimum cost. DeviceXPlorer OPC Server aims at the optimization of the factory from the aspect of "PLC".

What's OPC?
OPC (OLE for Process Control) is a worldwide standard of application interface decided on OPC Foundation. Using OPC Interface, it will be able to connect some field device or controller. In case of using different PLC for each equipment, you can use same application without some revision if based on OPC Interface.

OPC Interface
The OPC Interface includes OPC-DA (OPC Data Access) for real time communication, OPC-HDA (OPC Historical Data Access) for logging data, and OPC-AE (OPC Alarm and Event) for management of warning and event. In them, OPC-DA is ahead now, and "OPC-DA3.0" has been released as the latest specification.

What's OPC Server?
We develop some OPC Server, For MITSUBISHI MELSEC, For YOKOGAWA FA-M3, For OMRON SYSMAC, For JTEKT(TOYODA MACHINERY) TOYOPUC, For HITACHI HIDIC, For KEYENCE KV, For SHARP SATELLITE, FUJI MICREX, and For MODBUS slave equipment. The OPC Server is the product access to physical device (i.e. PLC) and return it's value via OPC interface to client applications. So when integrated application, if only support OPC interface, you will be easy to access without PLC technical information.

Merit of OPC Server
The OPC Server is effective following case.
# Using different maker of PLC for each equipment or facilities.
# Using different maker of SCADA for each equipment or facilities.
# Using software without driver of target device.
# Not having information of PLC so much.
# Developing equipment or facilities for exports.
Besides this, various advantages can be expected. So please examine the OPC Server by all means.