64bit・・・Possible to construct huge system.

OPC Server works as an 64bit native application. User can use a OPC Client system which needs memory more then 4GB.

64bit OPC Core components
If DeviceXPlorer(x64) is installed, OPC Proxy/Stub(x64) and OPC Server Enumerator(x64) are set up.

Support WoW64
When DeviceXPlore(32bit type) works on the WoW64 , A OPC Client(64bit-Application) can access it.

OPC Enum
OPC Enum is supplied as 32bit type and 64bit type. OPC Enum(32bit type) can find OPC Server(32bit type), OPC Enum(64bit type) can only find 64bit OPC Server.

Cross Platform(Win64 X Win32)
OPC Client(64bit type) can access OPC Server(32bit type), OPC Client(32bit type) can access OPC Server(64bit type).

View  ... Introduction of many functions of DeviceXPlorer.

Language  Connectivity User can connect to the upper system through PLC, CNC, and various equipment of the manufacturing with various physical networks.
UX  User Experience OPC Server has a rich interface of new Windows.Please experience comfortable operativeness.