DeviceGateway DeviceGateway is unit for gathering production information and do the gateway from the plant or factory to IoT services. You can use 150 connectivity by web browser easy configuration. It supports OPC UA, MQTT and more other IoT protocol, and realizes building an IoT system in a short time. (詳細)

DeviceXPlorer OPC Server DxpSERVER series
DeviceXPlorer OPC Server DeviceXPlorer is a communication middleware based on OPC Data Access. It connects smooothly to SCADA or ERP/MES system such as SAP/R3, and promotes the standardization. The correspondence power to a continuation operation system or a global system is strengthened. Upgrade communication performance further, scripting and also large extension of connectivity, etc. Please feel new OPCServer "DxpSERVER series" born again newly.(Read More)

Wonderware DAServer DAServer is a communication driver based on Wonderware AchestrA technology. It snap in SMC(System Management Console) and provides Hot Configuration and Remote Configuration functionality. (Read More)

New!DeviceXPlorer Data Logger DxpLOGGER 
DxpLOGGER DxpLOGGER is OPC compatible data logging software package. DxpLOGGER is supporting data logging, Historical/Realtime Alarm, Graph, data view and more. Logging data can be saved to not only CSV file but also various data base.
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