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Temporary License for DeviceGateway on Docker


In demo mode of DeviceGateway on Docker, you can use 1 DataSource, 32 tags, and continuously for 1 hour.

If you need to test it beyond the limitation (1 DataSource, 32 tags, for 1 hour), we can offer a temporary license for one month only once.
Please contact our support desk with the reason why you need a temporary license.

How to apply a temporary license

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Copy a temporary license file "DeviceGateway.lic" to any folder mounted on the host.
  2. Upload the file to the "External Strage" folder from "Files" menu in "Management" tab.

  3. After restarting DeviceGateway, move to "Version" of "Information" menu in "Management" tab, and check the validity period in "Serial" item.