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  • DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

    This is communication software that bridges the operation information at the production site which bases on the international standard OPC as inter-application communication to host systems.
    Manufacturing industries will be opened because it communicate with more than 200 models of control equipment such as PLCs and in combination with OPC clients such as SCADA.
    It is used all over the world because has strength in high-speed communication and connectivity.

  • DAServer

    PLC communication software which is possible to access operation information at production sites from SCADA manufactured by Wonderware Inc. such as InTouch.
    It can diagnose communication settings and status with the PLC on the System Management Console with Wonderware's architecture "ArchestrA" support.

  • DeviceGateway

    This is a data access unit that acquires operation information such as PLCs at production sites and bridges to the IoT service.
    Accessible more than 150 models of equipment by simple settings and converts into various upper-level communication such as OPC UA, MQTT
    Logic execution by the action function as an edge is also possible, and IoT system can be introduced in a short time.


    A Management software for HULFT communication which transfer safely and reliably files generated by Data access unit Device Gateway.
    It prevents tampering and information leakage by proprietary compression and encryption functions that have been used in mission critical areas such as finance and automobile industry, moreover ensure transmitting.

  • DeviceXPlorer Data Logger

    Data collecting software compatible with OPC for data collection of equipment and facilities, and abnormality monitoring. It can high-speed log not only CSV but also data base. You can easily collect all kinds of equipment data at production sites by combining with our OPC server and device gateway, you can easily collect all kinds of equipment data at production sites.

  • OPC Spider

    A Data linkage software that connects production facilities and core systems. It realizes data linkage between systems with non-programming by combination of function blocks, also reduces the cost of system development and transition work.

  • FileArk FA Edition

    A file linking software for loading a text file and real-time linking with the IoT systems.
    It contributes to IoT conversion and data cooperation of old devises and dedicated machines by utilizing your valuable existing files and converting to OPC UA : An International standard protocol of application-to-application communication and MQTT adopted in many cloud services.