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Difference between OPC Server and DAServer


Correspondence table

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Product Name Feature OPC I/F SuiteLink I/F DDE I/F Connectivity
DeviceXPlorer OPC Server For general applications

Support(OPC UA/DA)

Support Not Support Many
DAServer For wonderware products Support(OPC DA only) Support Support Limited

DeviceXPlorer OPC Server

DeviceXPlorer OPC Server is a communication software product that supports OPC interface which is the world standard communication standard.
It supports not only OPC but also SuiteLink communication provided by Wondeware, so it can be linked with Wonderware products (such as InTouch).
Communication with various types of PLCs such as Mitsubishi MELSEC and OMRON SYSMAC can be performed with one product.
Suitable for linking with self-made applications or general-purpose software packages (SCADA, MES, etc.).


DAServer is a communication software product that has a high affinity with Wonderware products such as InTouch.
DAServe is also successor product of I/O server.
It supports not only SuiteLink communication provided by Wondeware but also DDE communication and OPC communication (OPC DA).
The product lineup differs for each connection plc model.
It works as an add-in to Wonderware's System Management Console (SMC), so it does not work alone.
As with Wonderware products, it has a mechanism to output logs to LogViewer on SMC,
It is suitable for linking with Wonderware products, such as support for multi-point writing processing via files from InTouch.